SEMINARS - Parents & Educators

With ten years experience in teaching, and another ten years working as a child psychologist in Australia, Alison brings experience from both an educational and psychological perspective. Through interactions with both parents and teachers over many years, she recognized the need for more information on parenting and educational issues, and the strong desire to hear real examples and case studies, with practical and effective take away strategies.

Alison runs seminars for parents and teachers through various community organizations, and on request for schools, parenting groups and corporations.

“One Step Ahead”

  • Understanding and parenting gifted children (1 hour parenting seminar / discussion)

“P is for Perfect”

  • Understanding and coping with perfectionism in children (1 hour parenting seminar / discussion)

"The Many Faces of Gifted & Talented Students"

  • Identifying and catering for the many and varied gifted and talented students

“School Readiness”

  • Information and advice on school readiness (1 hour parenting seminar)

“Motivation and organizational strategies for students”

  • Strategies for motivating and organizing students
  • 1 hour parent & student seminar (pitched at 3rd – 8th graders)

BFFs, Frenemies & Loneliness"

  • Navigating social and friendship issues in elementary & middle school
  • 1 hour seminar for parents, educators & health professionals

"Meeting the Challenge"

  • An introduction to giftedness .... identification, assessment & provisions 
  • 2 hour parenting seminar / discussion

“Educating Gifted Students”

  • Information and strategies for understanding and meeting the needs of gifted students in schools
  • 2 hour seminar for teachers and / or parents

 “From Sunshine to Tsunamis”

  • Social and emotional issues for gifted / highly able children 
  • 1 hour parenting seminar / discussion

“Behind the Facade”

  • Understanding the social and emotional struggles of exceptional children
  • 2 hour educators' seminar / discussion

“From Toddlers to Tweens”

  • Positive parenting / behaviour management (1 hour parenting seminar)

“Conflict & Communication”

  • Strategies to help children & parents learn to communicate & manage conflict 
  • 1 hour parenting seminar / discussion

“Growing in Strength”

  • Building resilience in children (1 hour parenting seminar)

“New Peers, Pressures & Privileges”

  • Helping students cope with the transition from elementary to middle school 
  • 1 hour seminar & discussion for parents and students

“Riding the Waves”

  • Addressing the many aspects of parenting gifted / highly able students
  • (underachievement, social issues, perfectionism, modification, motivation, friendships, thirst for knowledge, heightened intensity)
  • A series of 1 hour forums for parents

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