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Drawing on experience from 25 years in education, a busy client base as a child psychologist in Australia, and counseling roles in schools, I have identified and collated information for parents, children, teachers and counselors that provides an understanding of children's issues, case studies highlighting specific strategies that have proven effective, and a wide variety of motivational posters and tip sheets that can be used by individuals, families, teachers and health professionals. Many families laminate these posters for additional guidance and encouragement at home, whilst teachers often enlarge them for use and display in the classroom.

In homes, school and social settings, children frequently require assistance and support. With individual support, the use of motivational posters, and guided parenting, children can develop skills and strategies to assist them in coping with and overcoming behavioral, emotional, social and academic difficulties or challenges.

Read and share the information available on specific children's issues. Learn from the various case studies and strategies outlined. Take advantage of a wide range of tried and tested motivational posters for children, or request a specific case study analysis of your own.

After years of requests, I am pleased to be able to share my experiences and resources, and to work collaboratively with parents, children, teachers and health professionals on individual case studies and issues.

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Contact information
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