Worst Case Scenarios


Max was a very earnest and careful young boy. At 9 years of age, he always wanted to do the right thing. He worried about making mistakes and forgetting to do things. He became anxious about his soccer games, fearing that he would let the team down or that the team would be ridiculed by their opponents. Max was loosing sleep worrying about things that were going to happen the next day, and even about possible things that may go wrong in his life or with his friends and family. He needed to learn to acknowledge his worries, but to see them in a realistic perspective, without catastrophizing each situation. The "Worst Case Scenario" motivational poster helped Max anticipate (and plan for) the worst case scenario, but also to accept that there were other likely outcomes for each situation. Having planned for a variety of outcomes in each worrying situation, Max felt more confident about his ability to cope, with the strategies he had planned, in the event of either a positive or negative outcome.

MOTIVATIONAL POSTER - "Worst Case Scenario"

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