SEMINAR - From Toddlers to Tweens

(Positive and dignified parenting strategies through the changing developmental stages)

As children mature and begin to move through new developmental stages, our parenting techniques and strategies need to change accordingly. At what age and in what way is ‘time-out’ effective? How can we involve our children in decision making? Many people find themselves parenting in the way in which they, themselves, were brought up. With so many options available today, and a wide range of very effective techniques, we have a choice. Whilst we don’t necessarily need to be our child’s best friend, it would be nice to think that our homes are places of nurturing and modeling, where individuals act and are treated with respect. 

'From Toddlers to Tweens' is a parent information seminar, looking at ways in which we can fulfill our role as parents, guiding and shaping our children in a positive, respectful and dignified manner.

DATE:          Friday 15th March, 2019

TIME:           11:00am - 12:30pm

VENUE:       Beaumaris Community Centre, 96 Reserve Road, Beaumaris (within library)


PRICE: $15.00

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