FREE Books 

Here is a list of books I brought back from a USA publisher.

Email me if you would like to arrange to collect any of these (Hampton, Malvern or Melbourne CBD), or if you would like any mailed to you ($ 10 postage).

1. Affective Cognitive Thinking - Thinking strategies for the gifted
2. THINKOLOGY - Engaging Activities to Enhance the Creative Mind
3 Making Sense of Your High Sensitivity
4. Breakfast for the Brain - 365 Sensational servings of critical thinking
5. Linking Literature with Self-esteem
6. Not Just Schoolwork - over 200 activities for critical thinking and written expression
7. Thinking and writing activities for the brain
8. Good Answers to Tough Questions ... when bad things happen
9. Perfectionism vs. The Pursuit of Excellence
10. Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul
11. Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul
12. The Wisdom of Big Bird
13. Teen tips - A practical survival guide for parents with kids 11 to 19
14. Raising Happy Kids
15. What Kids Need to Succeed
16. Bright Kids Who Can't Learn
17. Thinking Parent Thinking Child